We Stock Winston Wilds Handmade Wild Bird Products


Winston Wilds are a great new supplier of products for wild birds.

All their items are handmade from high quality ingredients, in their base in the North East of England.

For the finest quality high energy treat for your feathered friends look no further than Winston Wilds handmade fat balls, thoughtfully hand crafted and guaranteed to attract more birds into your garden all year round. Feeding your feathered friends Winston Wilds finest fat balls with ensure they will not just survive the cold winter months and the demanding breeding season but they will flourish and thank you by bringing back their friends and family to your garden.


Everyone in our shop who feeds wilds birds uses Winston Wilds products, so we know that they go absolutely crazy for this excellent brand! Give them a try, and we are sure you won’t go back to cheaper fat balls and seed mixes.



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